Which Kansas City restaurants are partnering with On Call Halal?

On Call Halal was started to feed the fasting front lines and support our local Halal restaurants here in Kansas City.

There are many restaurants in Kansas City that have suitable options for those who follow a Halal diet whether the restaurant realizes that or not. However the meat used is usually a good starting point in identifying a Halal restaurant. In order to serve as many medical staff as possible it's easiest to go with restaurants that have all of the dietary restrictions already considered.

We have also taken careful consideration in choosing to partner with the restaurants and establishments that have always made health and cleanliness a priority. We are proud to be partnered with these establishments and know that they already have a huge community following which tells us that the food is as delicious as we know it to be.

Their participation is paramount in the success of On Call Halal in ensuring that the food we delivery is both delicious, nutritious and maintains the utmost integrity during delivery. Each one of these establishments has carefully thought out the details of each of their menu options. They have helped us in pursuing the best packaging for this situation even if it means going out of their way to purchase new packaging.

While they are being paid for the meals, most of them are not making a lot of money off of this project if any at all. We hope that you will continue to support these amazing restaurants in other avenues as well. Both now during the pandemic and in the future when things open back up in sha Allah (God Willing).

Finally, we are proud to announce our restaurant partners thus far are as follows.

1. Chai Shai KC

2. Aladdin Cafe Kansas City

3. Sohaila's Kitchen

4.Jerusalem Cafe Kansas City

and a special shout out to Zaman Cafe who has decided to step up as the volunteer delivery drivers instead of helping to prepare meals unless none of the other restaurants are able to.

Thank you Kansas City for making this possible and as always thank you to our partner sponsors PAMA and Saffron Road for helping us reach over 700 halal meals and 1,900 halal snacks in the first week!

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to get involved please reach out to us at oncallhalal@gmail.com!

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