Donate today and let Jerusalem Cafe prepare a delicious, Ramadan-ready meal (or meals) for a hospital staff member*. Your donation will go the location with the greatest need. Thank you!


*Because the capacity for each restaurant is different on each night, we cannot guarantee your purchase will go directly to this restaurant but we are committed to making sure we distribute the meals between the partner restaurants fairly and in a way that allows the delivery to be most efficient.





Q: How Do You Select Restaurants?

A: We create partnerships with local restaurants that produce certified Halal meals and have agreed to the strategic implementation of contactless delivery. We have also made sure to partner with restaurants that have a great reputation for quality of food and cleanliness even before COVD-19.


Q: What city is this in?

A: Kansas City


Q: What time are deliveries?

A: Delivery times are based on pickup/dropoff times previously coordinated with vendors and hospitals.  All meals will be delivered in time for Iftar and Suhoor meals.


Q: What about COVID spread?

A: On Call Halal has implemented contactless delivery and procdeures to ensure the highest level of vigilance while delivering to protect drivers, restaurant employees, hospital staff and meal recipients.

Halal Meal - Jerusalem Cafe


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